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Olay. I need advice. For the first time ever in my life I’ve put myself out there for someone. I’m a shy guy. My past 2 relationships have been friends that I’ve know for a while and decided to date.

So I meet this girl who is beautiful in my eyes. I got the courage one day to ask for her number. We’ve been talking for the past 6 months and I’ve gotten huge feelings. About a month ago she stopped talking to me, saying she needs space to think about everything. She scared to fall for someone and get hurt.

Ive tried to communicate with her and ask what’s she’s thinking or how I can help her out. All I want to do is help her and heal her.

This is all new for me. Idk what to do. She’s on my mind all the time. Idk if she doesn’t want anything with me and she doesn’t want to hurt me or she does want something but just scared. I just want an answer to either help her and heal or leave her alone in peace. I don’t want to be those annoying people but I want to show that I care and not willing to give up easily. How can I get an answer out of her?

Thank you.

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Re: Advice

The best move in this situation is to respect her asking for space, as this may genuinely be what she needs to figure things out. You want to avoid frequently questioning her or offering to help as she may find this too pushy which could cause her to distance even more. If she has feelings for you she will come to you once she's ready. Goodluck, I hope things work out for you! Nina x