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I have for a while felt for women toilet attendants. Over many years I’ve seen these women work and scrape and been treated horribly. Whenever I see a toilet attendant I chat and end up giving them money, probably more than I can actually afford if I’m honest. But I say I can tip a good women or drink more and I definitely don’t need to drink more. However I hate this practice and at my local bar I gave a big tip to one of these women who I had spoken to. After I left the toilet being drunk I felt my anger rise, she noticed and so did a man, they asked if I was ok and I simply said it’s not fair. I think with the world going so crazy at the minute I hated seeing the struggles and feeling helpless. I felt really bad the next day because I don’t want this women who I believe works hard to think I pity or look down on her, I actually have a respect and want her to be able to get a wages while she works (a live-able wage). I have a lot of guilt that she might think this way, at one point she bowed to me to thank me for the tip, I told her no she deserves this and better! But she isn’t a charity, she’s a hard working person but I hate that for these people there is no wage and only seen as what they sell they can earn, it is obviously no one would choose this job unless they need money but aren’t always given respect or safety!!!

I needed to rant and also ask opinions on this subject.