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I am an adult, but still under the care of my parents. A typical family. We appear on the outside to many as an ideal family, but inside we are breaking. My only hope is my sibling, who is the only other person I trust, wholly. I just want to stay strong, but everyday seeing my parents already pathetic relation breaking, I feel that it's chipping away my soul, and I have to bear the burden. This is also the reason why I can't talk to people normally. I get these thoughts, "die" "piece of trash".

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Instead making that dreadful decision you can give a chance to urself to work hard.may be u r well recognised and cannot do jobs that makes your family insult by common people, but think once u die the same common people wil blame u fa taking that decision man,.so don't bother about damn fucking common people or relatives and make ur life a failure. Give ur life a chance to do work of ur choice that makes money.one should not steal or do illelagal things tats it..other than that there are tons of work to do. It's better than dying. I believe if u see this post as u wished u die but die as a man living for society,recognitions etc... And reborn as self living man. Live fa urself even if u do kooli work.dont bother about this society and make u and ur family live in hell... Good luck all good happens...