advice please!

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Sorry this might take some time to read but i need some advice, and i would really appreciate it.

Hi so i’m 16 (F) and i have a bf who is 14. We’ve been dating for 3 months but i haven’t seen him in a month and we live about a 10 min drive away from each other (i live in a small town with a pop. of maybe 15000). We weren’t able to see each other the first 2 weeks bc when we see each other it’s always at my house and he rides here (which takes him ab 25 mins), and his parents don’t know that we’re dating so they can’t drop him off to mine and i can’t go to his.

but he recently rode to a friends house a few days ago and said he would come see me as his friends wasn’t far from mine, but he never did and never brought up why. i asked him and he said he forgot and apologised but hes done this so many times and i don’t wanna stay if i can’t even see my own bf but he can see his friends. this has kind of put me off him now and sometimes i don’t really find myself attracted to him anymore.

i want to break up w him but a part of me says no. any help??

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