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i’ve been dating this guy for a while and i really like him i’ve never been this close or felt this way with anyone else. him and his ex of one year where still friends but wouldn’t hang out anymore but a few weeks ago they hung out for about an hour (i found out through his friend) when i asked him about it he said all they did was get food with her mom and that he knows he should have told me but that he didn’t want me to worry he feels really bad and wants another chance i do believe that all they did was get food but all my friends and family tell me to move on but i still like him i’m not sure what to do bc i know he cares about me.

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Run. Never ok. Imagine your happily ever after. I'm sure this was not part of your dream. We've all been there "I don't think I'll ever find someone like him/her" and "I know they care about me"

It just not worth it. Someone can care about you all they want but in my experience I wish I had listened when someone told me to run. Turn the page and start another.