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Usually what I see on this site is a whole bunch of incredibly sad stories. Its sad to hear of all the terrible things some people are going trough, yet it is the reality of the world. Anyways, I've been getting into the hobby of mechanical keyboards. Their sound, their feel... it is much better than a regular laptops keys. The one I'm typing on at this moment is bluetooth, rbg, partially translucent kets, brown switches, and a couple colored keys. I find it a great. keyboard to start with this new hobby. I also got a bluetooth mouse that also glows which really makes me happy. I wish I was able to buy all of the things I want for my room, so it could look cool and I could feel more comfortable in here. I definitely think that this will make my motivation for school kick for a bit. As I'm on the topic of school, if you are a student in quarantine and are falling behind on your work. It's ok, we are in tough times right now and it is important to take care of your mental health first. But when you do get the chance, attempt the work at your own pace, think of it as something to do instead of just being trapped in your thoughts. Also, your space is important, make it as enjoyable as you can and surround yourself in things you like. For example, I like plants and frogs, so I have a couple of plants on my desk along with a glass frog and my frog hat (it is also important to make sure your room is clean or partially organized so you don't feel so suffocated). I probably sound like some older person trying to get a younger person to do something, but I think it is pretty important. Oh, also drink some water if you haven't, I'm always getting terrible headaches and mood swings when I'm dehydrated. Sorry if this seems bugging or nagging in any way. Bye, hope your day/night is good or gets better.