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Again a bad day!!!

I again got rejected from the after the interview process of one of the organization. We were about to PPO if we would work hard and well.

I feel really really very bad. I was the one who called people and asked them to register for the process and today I am the one got rejected and they got selected. I am not sad because because they got selected I am sad because I got rejected. Do I don't even deserve a chance to prove myself. To tell people that I am also worthy of anything??? This things is really very bad and I want to cry my heart out for this. But I live in a family, a family which is born to be sad, born to have silent cold fights between parents, I just don't want to add to this sadness and so I am not tell about my rejection to my family, but actually it is killing me inside, I want to cry out but I can't....

I hope this torture ends soon.

Pls. help god.....

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2 months ago

Re: Again a bad day!!!

I would prey for you . Don't loose hope for there is no other thing that you can do. I can feel your pain. I know how does it feel when you have your own stuffs to cope up with and over that there is lot of tension in the family, certainly unavoidable. Just know that you are not the only one.

Do you know what a great poet said if something doesn't goes in accordance with you that means it is going in accordance with god and who knows in future you land up with a even greater and better job.