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I get abused by my father. I don't cry out of pain. I don't cry when I'm physically hurt. I only cry when I'm mentally hurt. I can easily hide my emotions. People in school think I have a wonderful life but that's only on the outside. This is my first time actually sharing what I feel. My face is like a mask. I can lie to my friends when they ask me if I'm okay. I rather not have them worry. Recently it's been getting worse. My father's anger is increasing and he takes it out on me. Normally I'm so good in school. I have never got a detention or missed any homework. I am top in every class and I get straight A's for every subject. But now my problems are getting worse. I am mentally struggling and sometimes I just want to breakdown and cry my eyes out even in school. But I know I can't do that. It's getting harder for me to lie to my friends. And I find it more difficult to hide my emotions. It's getting to a point where I'm struggling to cope . My grades are dropping and I'm missing homework. My teachers are starting to suspect. They ask me what's wrong after every lesson and I just say I'm fine. Hopefully my life will get better and everyone else who can't escape their problems. Thank you for reading.

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Re: Agony

You’re just adding more and more weight to your shoulders when you don’t tell people and have to keep lying you have to release The weight of lying and keeping secrets and allow yourself to feel your emotions and show them tell your teachers what’s happening talk with your friends about what’s happening get help So you can help yourself.