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Ahaha fuck

i’m nearly 20 and i’ve been struggling with depression anxiety and suicidal thoughts for nearly 5/6 years of my life people haven’t noticed because i’ve put up this facade that i am fine, i’ve self harmed but i’ve been clean since April this year i’ve been doing really well but recently my family life has become utter shit my parents are going through a divorce it’s now that my relatives have decided to give a fuck and looking at me and my siblings in pity it sucks ass because they don’t really know what’s been happing for years and now the big thing finally occurred they decided to get involved with our family. they only care about marriage and visiting them. I’m so used to disappointment i don’t know what to do with my feelings, i’ve buried my feelings so deep down that i feel like i’m going to burst soon. i don’t want to tell my friends about it because they have their own lives and i know they won’t give a fuck because they aren’t that sympathetic. also i’m losing my best friends they are slowly slipping away i’ve told them i can’t hang out because i’ve got family issues and to respect the boundaries but they keep pressing on the subject, and when i say i cant they go in a mood i really don’t like feeling like this but i’m slowly starting to go back into my depression. My anxiety has rose from before and the thoughts have come back, my impulsive thoughts to harm keep popping up i just don’t want to worry anyone but i feel so so lonely. This sucks ass

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Re: Ahaha fuck

If you are going through hell just keep going that's what I have learned from my depression and anxiety. And now, slowly things are getting better now. just go out for walks take cold showers and try todo meditation it really helps. It's a bit weird that one depressed person is helping another one.haaha that's life I guess