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All about money

I'm really stressed now. I can't ask everyone to help my problem bcs i know they will refuse to help. Maybe this was a small amount bills for some people. But, it's really big for me and i'm really didn't have any money. I don't know what should i do for now. I'm just know that i must find a job to paid all the bills. But it's hard for youngers like me. And accidentally i found this web that made me write everything and reduce my stress. Still hoping some miracle can happen.

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Re: All about money

I understand what you’ve been through and I’m not saying that it’s easy but I hope you do not give for something good will happen someday and just trust him even though life really testing our patience. I do hoping you do not lose yours, just rest and think but don’t quit. I hope your friends is still there even tho you don’t ask and tell them. You’re not alone, keep up the faith.