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all lives matter

So I have been pretty quiet through all the black lives matter. I want to say I agree. I agree that black lives matter and things need to change. Its cruel, evil and unfair what the black community have to go through on a daily basis. My heart and soul go out to them. But I do not agree with the statement black lives matter before all lives matter. All lives do matter. As a society we have not just discriminated towards the black community, we have also discriminated against the native Americans, the Muslims, the india culture and a lot of other cultures and Ethnic groups. And yet we do not go on to say any of those are above anyone else. So when I say all lives matter that is what I mean. We as a society need to come together as one to fix our government, to fix our country and most of all to fix our selves. We all bleed one color when we are cut. We are all and should be treated as equal. And this not what we are doing. We are bashing each other into the ground, we Tearing each other apart to try to prove a point and that is not going to fix any issues. And if we continue down the road we are on we will not have anything left for our kids.

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Re: all lives matter

*man stands to speak at his child’s funeral*

“my son... he was always treated differently and denied so many opportunities.. and now he has been killed. But I want it to be known..that his life mattered”

*someone grabs the mic from him*

”....Yeah okay but other people have problems too, and also all lives matter

No one said all lives don’t matter. No one said Indian, Muslim, Native American, or any other lives don’t matter. We are simply trying to get people to recognise that black lives ALSO matter, and many racists believe that they don’t. Of course other races experience racism, no ones denying that, it’s just at this moment the focus is in black lives because they are consistently being murdered by police, denied jobs because of their hair. Their fucking HAIR!!! Or their name!!! They are killed and denied human rights simply for the colour of their skin!!! It’s disgraceful, which is why we sing for black lives matter. You said you have been quiet throughout the movement. Please, speak up. I’m not saying you need to scream from the rooftops and join the protests ( I understand everyone has different circumstances and aren’t able to), but please use your voice in other ways. If you are white (as I am) please use your privilege and bring awareness to the current pandemic that is racism. We can all make a change.

This was the dumbest post ever and I didn’t even read it. Black lives matter means that black lives matter TOO not more than any other life. Black people are constantly treated like shit since slavery and people need to acknowledge that. We know all lives matter but black lives don’t matter throughout history so now we are saying BLACK LIVES MATTER FUCK WHAT YOU THINK