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All lives Matter!

BLM is terrorists! I BACK THE BLUE!















BLM Are terrorists

We shall not fall to marxist terrorists!

Stand together!

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Re: All lives Matter!

I don’t agree with you at All. But, I want to tell you that the people commenting for you to kill yourself are so wrong. Don’t do that. Make yourself better. Don’t just purge everything in you because I know that some of it is good. Don’t kill yourself. And for the people telling this person to do that, you’re almost as bad as being racist. I disagree 100% with what was said but I also disagree with telling this HUMAN to kill themself.

If all lives mattered, really, then The BLM movement wouldn’t even be a thing right now. We’re doing this because we don’t feel equal. we’re not being treated equal. So excuse me and everyone else if we don’t say “All Lives Matter”. It’s time to let the world know that Black Lives Matter. Because the world has shown that they don’t. But they do. And not all Black Lives Matter supporters are screaming “fuck the world”. Some just want a better world and country. So educate yourself please. Just because one person burns a building doesn’t mean all BLM supporters think that’s okay. Okay thanks

First things first, why are you doing this. In this I hear racism, stereotype, judgement, etc. Saying all lives Matter gets you where, honey? Do you understand the concept, black lives matter? Obviously, no, so I m gonna try to help. All I'm trying to say is that, you either haven't realised how many innocent black people are recently getting killed because they look suspicious or youre fucking dumb. By saying all lives Matter, you believe that we all live in harmony, with the exact same privilege, BTW, it doesn't match with the context of what you're saying. Think about it like this. You have a numerous amount of children. All of them are healthy, except one. You have medicine to make the kid healthy. But all your children at the moment matter, they're all equal. So, no, they all need it as much as the unhealthy kid needs it. If you have common sense you'd understand what that meant.

what you’re saying is so absolutely dumb i cannot fathom how anybody can think like this. you must be mentally challenged. anyway, think of it like this. if you fell on the ground and scraped your elbow, then your teacher didn’t give you a bandaid first because all elbows matter. you would want the bandaid, right? or if you were starving and there were kids who had just ate some food. when the server came around, he skipped you because all kids are just as hungry as you. how would you feel? i think it’s absolutely ridiculous to hate someone because of the color of their skin. black people are so beautiful. just know that we are protesting because black lives aren’t as “important” to the world as white lives. all lives can’t matter until black lives do. BLM, acab, 1312 ❤️

ew lol kill yourself worthless piece of trash. and take all the pigs with you (i’m talking about c*ps by the way). your family hates you and they want you dead. take your life, cut your wrists, shoot yourself, slit your throat, jump off a bridge, i don’t care. take your life because you mean nothing and sooner or later someone gonna murder you and you’re gonna feel every bit of it. much love <3

Kill yourself black people are getting murdered by your guys and blue and we aren’t getting justice they shot breyanna Taylor 8 Times in her sleep so you condone that I Can’t believe that people really will sit in America and black people are treated equally because no we aren’t and it’s not fucking fair my people built this country for free our blood sweat and tears is what built this economy