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All you unmarried girls RUN for the love of god RUN

Anonymous that’s cute. He’ll find it. And I’m glad. I have never been worried someone will bear me having the hiccups . But here we are. Every time I jerk and blerk. Waiting for him to blurt in on me and let me k is what a massive cunt I am.

i read a lot of shit here. All you girls NOT married and trapped. For heavens sake RUN. He loves you? He will wait.

He will wait while you get Your degree.He will wait while you figure your shit out. If he don’t FUCK HIM. RUN.

Run as fast as you can. Get the fuck away. He is just using you to make his life and his family better. He could give a fuck about you. It’s all about HIS family. The moment you become a wife. Your life is over.