Alleyway trouble

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One time when I was 14 I was Riding with my old gang and we came across a shit ton of strange men. They all looked raggedy and they all appeared to be in there 40s. One of the boys in my group road over one of the older guys foot and then that's when shit started to get real, out of the blue, one of the older men pulled out a knife and at the time I had ninja stars on me (no... seriously...). I bought them out in north Carolina but whatever, I then through one of them at the old man and hit him square in the forehead. I was expecting him to drop down and die like how it worked in video games, but he just pulled it out of his forehead and said "your turn." He then charged at me with the knife until one of my previous friends jumped off and stabbed him in the chest, to which he fell and started breathing very hard...I've been needing to get this off of my chest for awhile now but I couldn't find anywhere to put it