allie my not so imaginary bestie

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when i was 6 , i was bestfriends with the 11 year old neighbor and one day we played hide and seek in the woods , i found allie hanging from a tree , i was too young to realize she killed herself and i continued to play with her lifeless body and i didn’t wanna leave her so i slept over night in the woods next to my dead bestfriend , until me and allie both became missing children , i was found and my parents always told me allie was an imaginary friend and she never existed , it never made sense because i remembered her so vividly , till this day i still remember what she was wearing in the woods , it was her birthday and her mom had just bought her new sparkly converse , i began to forget about my “imaginary” bestfriend allie until today my parents and i moved into a new house and as i was unpacking my moms boxes with her , i found a picture of me and allie on her birthday , 2 hours before her death and the same outfit she was wearing when she ended her life .