Almost 7 months of home alone

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This is not a confession but just me opening up to random internet human coz i couldn't share it to personal acquaintances for i don't know how or where to start ಥ⌣ಥ

I live with my oldest sibling with his family but when the lockdown and quarantines are implemented he and his family moved in another place. So I was alone in the house from 3rd week of March until 3rd week of September.They would visit me and give basic needs maybe twice or trice a month or sometimes they would realy not visit but i do understand that coz its due to lockdown implementation.First few months are bearable in fact i was glad that i can do whatever shenanigans i like to do but as time goes by there are behavioral changes that i pick upped such as

sleeping 24/7 not literal but almost, i just wake up to sleep again i dont F ing feel hunger and thirst not until I'll feel dizzy.

Second thing is excessive laziness I've became a lazy cunt since then dust would sit for a month and garbage bags growing molds more into that is my cacti plants dying due to excessive dryness tried to revive them but really can't be revived.

My sleeping schedule also turned 360 ° within those months ill spend my days sleeping this resulted to me right now who cant sleep until 3 am ......