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Alone and suicidal

I think I have depression. I'm too scared to tell my mum. I attempted suicide. I overdosed on sleeping pills. I threw up even though I didn't want to. My mum thinks that I only have a fever or it's just something that I ate. I have no one I can tell all of this to. If I tell one of my friends, they will probably tell my other friends. That will make them uncomfortable when they are around me. They will always be careful with their words and treat me like an alien. I can't tell my siblings because they will tell my mum and my mum will think that I am an even bigger failure that I am. I just feel like I'm all alone.

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Re: Alone and suicidal

Honestly I am going through the same, even though I didn’t try to commit suicide, because I’m too scared, I feel the same... I recently started felling really depressed and even though I struggle to admit it, I started cutting again and I wish I didn’t, but every time I feel realllyy depressed I cave. I can’t tell my family because they won’t understand my reasons or they’ll take it lightly and hardly care or just say its a phase...


The fact that you are here today means that despite everything that happened so far, you are still alive, your heart is still beating, and you just have to hold on, things WILL get better. Remember that you are strong enough to get through this, I'm not going to tell you to tell somebody, things are hard enough, right?