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Alone in the presence of others

I feel alone yet there are people around me,i feel pressured to be okay ,to be perfect and responsible for those that look up to me,i never say my true feelings now they are choking me,i feel suffocated with my stagnant life ...why cant i keep people around me,um always the one left behind,the one that loved the most but never truly appreciated and loved in return...now um tired,i feel like this life is a burden to me...what must i do to feel at ease ,how do i get rid of this loneliness

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2 months ago

your never alone

you will get through this you may feel by yourself but you are always in the company of our father an he will awkward be with you an he’s trying to push away from these toxic and not worthy of you people an he’s wants to bring you an introducir you to who will make you smile an change your life an make you feel warm you’ll be okay :)

from a friend :)