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sooo this one is really just for me to vent but a few weeks ago me and my best friend got in a really big fight and weren’t talking and over that weekend a lot of stuff happened well i was crying and venting to my mom and she suggested i get therapy and i said that would be good and said she would make me an appointment but she never did and i don’t wanna bring it up because i don’t want her to think i’m faking all this for attention but i think i really need it but idk what to do. also i go to my older brothers house almost everyday after school because i live with my grandpa and he’s at work most of the day so it’s just me but my mom dad and other brothers live right next door, i go to my brothers house because i HATE being here alone it makes me overthink and just start crying about what i can’t change about my self and i absolutely can’t stand it. i feel like no one understands me.