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Always fighting

Me and my closest friend ALWAYS fight. I overthink everything and I hate it so much. Even simple things such as gaming with friends. I get insecure with gaming with mt friends cause I'm the worst player out of all of them and I just recently talked to my closest friend about it and she told me that I obsess too much about winning or being a good player while she just focuses on the experience and we went on to have a conversation until it ended with me being hurt. Thats also the one thing that me and my friend fight about cause she says that with me, she always feels like the bad guy and I dont want her to feel like the bad guy. I don't know but I don't wanna fight with her anymore. We always fight about the stupidest things and then she says something and I get butthurt about it and we end the day feeling bad :<. I talked to her about this and she said that we'll always fight cause she keeps picking fights but thats not entirely true cause I pick fights with her too. I still want to be friends with her though, I just wish we didnt have to end our days feeling bad. She's a person that gets angry a lotttt cause she has a lot of anger inside her and I understand why. I'm okay with her being angry but I just wish there was a way for us to just have wholesome memories with each other and not just feeling bad all the time. She says that she doesn't want to stop being friends with me but I don't know how to fix this