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Am I a bad mother?

Hey I’m a 45yr single mom, have an 18yr son

For some reason I have been finding myself wanting more attention from my 18yr old son. I thought it was just me feeling a bit lonely which it is but it also feels a bit sexual. I hate myself for saying it but ever since my break up I have become more sexually attracted to my 18yr old son. I have seen him nude and erect before, I accidentally walked in on him with everything out and doing the deed. Most of the thoughts I have are when I’m drunk and frustrated, Im always thinking that I really need a nice cock and recalling that memory. Whenever I am drunk I always remember staring/looking at my son’s lower area consistently throughout the night and I feel like a horrible mother for thinking of my son sexually. I feel like the urge is slowly becoming stronger and I don’t know what to do.

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Re: Am I a bad mother? No you r not

you know, you should just ask him if he would like to have sex with you... Im 100% sure he would jump to that.... He would love it....... My mother came out to me and told me she was turned on by me, so we regularly bang............... Also when you have done it tell me about it😛............................