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Am I a loveable person?

I am 21, and until today, nobody ever confessed love to me. I mean I was in a 5 year relationshipuntil 6 months back I broke up with him. I got my boyfriend through facebook. I have had many "Love" Proposals through social media... but never in person. I am a bit quiet when someone meets me for the first time, but then when I am comfortable (It doesnot take that long), I get very chatty and say stupid jokes. I dont get all the jokes people say very easily, but I try to laugh at them. I feel bad when I dont understand jokes, but what can I do, it's just the way things roll. Some one who reads it might think, Oh, this girl is so despirate to have a boyfriend. But, let me tell you, No, that is not the case. I am in that phase were I dont feel I get the attention I have always wanted. I always feel shadowed, unrecognised under my beautiful cheery friends. I have few bestfriends and I love them. I am so proud of them and what they are doing with their lives. But sometimes, I just feel shadowed, when common friends of ours talks to them and not to me much or even one day someone thought I am just a girl who walks around with my friend to help her, because I have nothing to do my life. I was really hurt, I never told anyone this, But I am really hurt till now. I wanted to pour out all this to someone, but I can't , cause all I have is my best friends and I cant tell them this, Obviously.