Am I allowed to be upset?

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To start off here are some few things. I dropped out of school 3 times from mental health issues. When I was in 5th grade, I was groped and that really put toll on me. I couldn't function properly and I was glad I found a private school that had some really great people.

In 7th grade, I was officially diagnosed with a depression and anxiety.

In 8th grade, my depression took a toll for the worst. I had lots of arguments that year and I kept thinking about suicide or just sad stuff. It got a bit better after that and my mom helped me.

Truth to be told, I hate taking photos. Sometimes, I just acquiesce to my mom because she works hard to give us vacations. Especially with a dad who won't give child support.

For this year, I'm on modular classes and we were told to send pictures for our picture board. I told my mom, hey I'm gonna be sending a picture and I'll send you a copy so you know where to sit. She said okay.

Today, I learned that my mom sent a photo before I did and she sent a photo to my teacher I really wasn't proud of.

It was me on vacation a couple years ago and I was pretty chubby at that time. I really hate pictures of myself taken by other people. I just don't look good in them. My mom knows that I hate my picture being taken and I don't even have selfies of myself.

However, she shared a photo while I was in a really depressed phase. I kept eating and eating and I got fat.

Am I an asshole for being upset about it? My mom won't talk to me and I feel like crying again. Am I allowed to feel sad?,

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