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Am I asking for too much?

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Hello there Im in a long distance releationship and I don't even know if im happy anymore

I was willing to do everything to make them feel ''loved''

I get a bare minimum and I don't know how to feel..

I really miss the old us.

They don't even realise how much sh I go trough. I ask them everyday '' Are you okay today, is everything okay'' just to make sure that they're happy. I can't even get an '' I love you too'' answer beacuse they always change the topic when I start talking about that hoping I could feel atleast a little bit loved. ( I do talk to them about their topic beacuse I know it makes them happy) They are used to me sending them theese caring texts and I just wish I could experience that atleast a little more.

when I tried to talk about something that makes ME happy they said '' its annoying sorry'' and that was kind of a slap in the face..

I love them the most i truly do, they are an amazing person too. But its just ya know..I just want to feel the same love Im giving them.

But don't get me wrong they care about me and everything I know they've said that they can't show me how much they love me through a text and I feel that. (wow that was a lot of they's) If anyone had/has the same problem could you give some advice or tell me how you dealt with it. Am I asking for too much or am I asking the wrong person?

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