Am I Autistic?

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So I think a lot and often come up with theories as to why I do things and why others do as well. My latest one is wondering if I'm autistic. I'm a teenage girl. I've had severe anxiety for the past few years, and was always really uncomfortable with crowds and stuff when I was younger. I get really obsessed with certain fandoms (I have probably read over 1000 Harry Potter fanfics, know all sorts of film trivia, have watched lots of interviews and constantly annoy people by talking about it non-stop) or hobbies and have a new favourite song every month that I listen to on repeat. I have issues with dissociation and dealing with social situations for too long and kinda just shut down after a while. I also have a really hard time with phone calls. Sometimes I have meltdowns because there's too much touching me (clothing, jewelry, sweat, hair, etc), there's too many smells, sounds and even tastes. I ugly cry and hide in the bathroom or closet until I calm down. I'm really jumpy and odd. My friends like to compare me to Luna Lovegood, interesting but awkward and strange. My mum says it's all hormones, introvertedness, anxiety and normal teen girl crap but I can't help but feel it's something more. I feel a little guilty, because I've seen some people with Autism and they act pretty different and end up in special needs classes and I'm not like that so maybe I'm belittling this condition by even considering I have it. I don't really know.

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