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Am I bad and dirty for that??

I use to rp, and was once asked to do a dirty rp..I was 14 and never done one so I went with it and I kinda liked it. So I kept on doing dirty rp

One day this one person asked me for nudes..he was four years older than me, and for some reason I went along and actually sent pictures - no face. From then on I would send nudes to people -often older and Male- every now and then..I kinda liked it during the time but also feel guilty

I'm now 17 and I feel bad with myself thinking about it ..but I liked how people would jerk off and like my body??

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Re: Am I bad and dirty for that??

No you are not bad. You’re just human and everybody likes to be desired and wanted. I’m sure you enjoyed the RP a lot and when you shared your pictures I’m sure they enjoyed seeing you and the fact that they liked you and we’re attracted to you made you very happy and feel good inside. There’s definitely nothing wrong with feeling good and it didn’t go any further so there’s nothing for you ever to have worried about. If you would ever like to chat just let me know. I would be happy to talk with you anytime and answer any questions that you might have about anything.

iI bet that you did like how people were masturbating to images of your naked body.

When you turn 18, I'd love for you to post again on here and invite us men to see you perform a webcam striptease, as I think that we would like that.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong. If dirty role play turns you on and makes you happy, then go for it.

Just let me know what you're up to so that I can give your naughty ass a little spanking!