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Am I being bitter??

I'm jealous of my friend who recently got straight As. She doesn't care much about studying for exams. She's extremely obessed with Kpop stuff and seldom participates in class. She just crams for exams at the last minute like many other students do. She's a bit like a happy-go-lucky. I've worked my butt off for an A, but ended up with B and C. I'm puzzled and frustrated. I just can't get over how someone who likes messing around is academically better than me. I never want to compare myself to other people, but I just can't help it. I feel like I'm trapped in a deep, dark hole with no light in sight. All I can think about is to study harder and get ahead in class, but I'm already burnt out. I've talked to my parents about this, but they told me I'm just being way too bitter.

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Re: Am I being bitter??

Are you being a bit bitter? Yes. Is that totally reasonable? Also yes. You work your butt off for your grades and your friend who doesn't care about them is just naturally gifted. Eventually though, it will catch up to her. You are learning good study habits and being productive now, which will pay off in college and even later in life. Also, repeat after me, my grades do not define my self worth. Say that to yourself until you believe it. If you haven't yet, see if you can get a private tutor or go to your teachers tutorials. Just remember to not compare yourself to others.