Am I being immature?

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I feel like in this relationship, my feelings are not valid. When I'm upset you don't care, when I finished something that make me proud of myself and I tried to show it to you so that you can be proud of me too, you'll just tell me "okay". You'll get mad when I'm so energetic and tried to get you to be part of what I'm doing so that we can bond at least once but you don't want to. You just want to watch movies all day and talk to me if you want something but you never ask what I want what I feel about you ignoring all of me. I don't know if I'm being immature. Last night you insult the way I talk... I was just trying to call you before I sleep, I waited for you to finally give me a little bit of your time before I sleep but instead of sleeping happily and peacefully, I was crying myself to sleep. And then now you want me to act as if I didn't get upset,insulted and cry myself to sleep last night?

Are my feelings not that valid anymore to you? If I'm being immature then so be it. But even though I'm upset I'm stupid enough to act okay and sweet just because you don't want my "attitude".

I hope I can tell you all of this but yeah... Here I am can't even open my mouth and tell you how I feel because you don't care so it will be better if I just shut myself up. Hope you'll have a good day and be safe.

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