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I'm so confused, I'm in 7th grade yet I feel that I'm bi. Since I'm young maybe I'm just mistakening my sexuality and I should just give me some more time. I come from a religious family who said that if I do end up being with a girl then I'd get kicked out and that I should never see their faces again. I do love my parents tho so I don't want to disappoint them. I've never had girl crushes but I find girls attractive aswell as men. SOMEONE PLS HELPPP MEEEE!!

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I can help. I’m an actual genius. Straight A’s. 7 degrees. It’s science. Our brains make chemicals. Most boys don’t feel attractions to other males; but we get overwhelmed by females. I had a hardon constantly from age 11 till about 25. Some males feel gay but suppress it. Some are bi or gay & accept it.

I dated a lot of women. I’m ashamed of it now but back then they threw themselves at me. Hundreds. They felt a chemical survival attraction to me. I look like the dude who plays Thor. It’s just biology. Women gawk at me.

I’ve had sex with multiple women at once. Some would do sex with each other waiting their turn. I realized in high school & college that about half of the women are bi. However; these chemicals slow down. Most females outgrow it & only sleep with males & have kids after it.

So just accept that you have chemical attractions to both.

In college I was a sculpted 285. Movie star looks. Penis over 10!inches. Each time I have sex it lasts over 2 hrs. I was very popular. They were chemically & biologically attracted to me. Then after college most of them grew up.

I think my daughter turned bi. She’s beautiful but built like the hulk. She intimidated most boys since she’s stronger & more athletic than them. Makes them feel inferior. So I think she wonders if she was supposed to be a boy. My wife said she’d have to move out. I said nope. We are also Christian. I’d die for my kids. I’ll love them no matter what. But most Christians are hard asses.

So until college hide your urges & suppress them. In college if you want to try both go for it. Safely. But realize biologically you will usually outgrow that attraction to females. If not it’s cool. Sure; many are homophobic. But there’s people like me out there fighting for you.

In college I dropped off one of my endless women. I stopped for gas. Two men jumped a small gay guy. I saved him. No; I’ve never had a single gay thought. Women are hot. Dudes look like chimps to me. But I love Jesus. Jesus is love. I hate no one. God Bless