Am I cheating myself?

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You and I

Why do I feel it

When you go through the swamp

Why Am I crying

When you have nowhere to be

Why Does my soul ache

When tears smother your face

Why Do I bleed

When *not* loving you Is All I pretend

Going through the turmoil of Fakery

I can't pretend being unaffected by your presence

Eager for that silk like touch

I want to feel it right beside my face

You make me realize

The true meaning of that L word

Can we give it a different meaning

Rebellious from all ones.

Aching, coughing and choking hard I

Drown into the sleepy eyes of you

Even if We have not confessed

I still know the real you

......"LET'S fill the hollow conch

With realistic adventures

Form the path for a true future

Holding the present in our bosoms

Surrender ourselves

To the true self of us

Suicide that broken bridge

Joining it with strings of passion

Collide us being one

For an eternal time".......