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am I gay?

am i gay for not wanting a dress, especially not for my Quinceañera (another thing i don't want. we hardly even have the money for either)? i just feel like they don't suit me— as i've told my mother. she, the woman who caused me to be so unhealthly self-conscious and reclusive, asked in all seriousness, if i were gay. not the first time, but it still stuns me. honestly, i'm thinking about telling her yes one of these days just to spite her—

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Re: am I gay?

youre not gay if you dont want a dress. however, do talk to an expert if you strongly feel so. youre gay if youre attracted to the same gender, and there's nothing wrong about it. hope this helps.

youre mother is a narc btw. i should not be the one breaking this to you, but i do care for you. stay safe wherever you are. i will think of you.