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Am I in a teen movie?

So my boyfriend and I were friends for about five months before we started dating in March. We're both seventeen, go to college together (we're British) and share a group of friends. He's lovely -just a fantastic, smart, kind person. I can't believe how lucky I am to be with him. The only issue is that his parents are very staunch Christians. He's not religious, though he was obviously raised to be, and I'm from a secular household.

Over quarantine, having to be apart only a month or so after we first started going out got understandably difficult, and over text things got a a bit... frisky. No pictures, just words, but all the same, not the sort of thing that they approve of. I've known from the start they don't like the idea of him being in a relationship -but I didn't know the extent until we got confirmation of this disapproval when they sat him down, told him they had read all his messages and want him to break up with me. They cut off his communication with me for a week. After that week, we decided not to do it any more to try and fix things, but after another month we just lapsed into it again on a different messaging platform. We thought we were safe, so we even referenced things we'd done irl. Needless to say they found it and now they've completely cut him off from me. No way of contact except an email that he managed to send me through our college emails (I know) telling me they're making him call me to break up with me -and that he won't really mean it.

We're both over the age of consent and are leaving our homes for university next Summer. We've planned on a future together -I haven't met his parents, largely because of quarantine, but he met mine just before it all and they loved him. We're serious about this is my point. I feel powerless and uncomfortable with sneaking around. More than anything, I miss him. I wish I could talk to his parents.