Am I in the wrong

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I understand crying over something doesn't fix anything. But when your own mother is trying to get her business off on the right foot and you're doing what you can to help her since she doesn't know what the hell she doing, she'll tell you one thing then next tell you, you're doing everything wrong and start rushing you. Then when something goes wrong blames you because carrying multiable hats in said business while getting yell out oh, and let not forget grandmother who does nothing but try to put you down every day when she can. Her favorite topics are telling how your boyfriend ( now fiancee but my family doesn't know yet) is going to cheat on me once I go to college cause in her sick mind she find it funny to tell me that if I were to die the next day he'll find a "girlfriend" the next day. And how I'm worthless, can't do anything for myself and my younger brother is better then me even through I had to help her many of times when she was stuck hurt on a bed. And today, I stab my bed again and accidently cut my pinky finger it wasn't deep just enough to make me bleed. I'm fine now.

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