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Am I just naive?

maybe I am just a dumbass

but I feel like my mom is getting even more annoying day by day... one day she's in a good mood next day she goes off like a bomb .... and she talks to this one guy and he calls her sexy (I'm not sure if its just a joke) while she's married to my step-dad... but i don't wanna believe that she is "cheating" cuz' i know she wouldn't do that when my step dad is literally sick..(he's in another country btw) and idk why but she always seems to blame him for something... 1. for being in contact with another girl like... YOU ARE INCONTACT WITH A BUNCH OF GUYS... 2. for playing games.....please tell me what's wrong with playing games...i get it he stays up all night playing games ... that's natural...sometimes you are having so much fun that you lose track of time.. 3. why does she download spy apps? O.O i mean its obvious she's checking if he's "cheating" bruh i wouldn't even think that i mean you have yelled and accused him many times and i don't even know how he didn't even sign the divorce papers ...i would loove to say this to my mom's face but i'm scared, she knows how to make you regret even saying one word plus my insecurities make it worse. I have gathered all my non-existent courage to even click the publish button... so.. i wanna know , Am I naive? should I just let all this happen?