Am I really enough to be an athlete?

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I am a young female athlete. The real questioned is failure shouldn't be hard to over come with every mistakes you do in sports, life, every step you take as a women...

See me wanting to be a D1 college Athlete all i think about is not to fail "don't fail you got this" then I fail but then I ask myself am I thinking to much and the real answer is YES! (Take a deep breath) I tell myself to get the next one, then I fail again by this time I'm really over thinking, "why me". I was always taught that you can't fix failure, "you just have to stop failing and start being perfect" they said. So that is what I have stuck in my mind.

I have 2 more years of high school left and I'm just now figuring out that when you fail its one step to success which you have to take it and make it the BEST.