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Am I right or wrong?

Hello, I am a 14 year old and I have been feeling a lot of anxiety lately and wanted to blo myself out somewhere... I think that my parents support my sister more cuz she studies better... I see this discrimination everywhere from school, coaching to my own house.... And, during this lockdown period it has been worse everytime i forgot about it as I regularly went to school and coaching and meeting my friends there... but now there's no way to escape it. It isn't that I do not even study I am also a top scorer but she has achieved even more and thats the reason the discrimination hurts me more.... Being the younger child, my parents alays have an excuse that I have been loved more when I talk to them about this....and being a typical Indian family everything i measured by marks... my father is very strict towards me.. He tells my sister that abusing boys is alright an it starts from me she abuses me regularly when she and I have a fight... my mother is on a softer side but as my sister being the more influentiel she gets into here telling... lets take an example.... I am going to study but as now everything is online i need the mobile phone so I go to my mother to ask for the phone she comes and tells that he has become an addict of mobile phone and other stuff and I get very irritated then a fight occurs between me and my mother and sister and in this she slowly goes to her room locks her (as she does it regularly and one more thing she always has her laptop and mobile phone with her inside the room but no one seems to notice that) and we 2 are fighting now and she just sits inside her room either recording me shouting or recording me fight which she will later send to my father... Its just so bad and I feel like harming either myself or her and the second option I cant do so I end punching myself in anger inside a room.... and this is just a drop from the see but I dont feel like writing bad about my family so I just wanted to know that if I am wrong or this is just some puberty shit....