Am I Still A Virgin?

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I have bought in an eight-inch dildo online. I was having mixed emotions about this but too excited that after pouring on a ludicrous amounts of lube on the transparent silicone appendage, I strapped it on a chair and slowly, really slowy sat down on it. It feels like something big had split me up. It doesn't hurt that bad but I feel tight and full down under. My lower abdomen bulged slightly and my insides felt numbed from the sudden intrusion. The first four thrusts are so mind-numbing. My scalp tingled at the foreign sensations that I am constantly getting. It took a while before I started to like the feel of having filled repeatedly as I started to bounce up and down. It started to tire me out so I have to rub my clit as I gyrated above the chair. Soon enough, a wave of mind-numbing orgasm shook me... Heat rushed all over my body and sweat poured down in rivulets. Then after everything cooled down.. I felt a dense sense of loss and regret. Am I still a virgin? I feel fucked. Thoroughly fucked.

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