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Am I supposed to feel something?

My girlfriend broke up with me by text. We were together for a whole year, shared intimate details about each other, only for her to say that she felt we were better off as friends. This should have hurt me...right? I feel like i was the one that played her because i was able to forget about it in minutes, not even giving myself time to feel sad. (I tend to push down all my emotions though, so who knows if i actually processed it.)

I think i dated her just for the sake of it. It was my first lesbian relationship and maybe that’s why i pressured myself into acting on my very small crush. This is why i never share my crushes with anyone, especially not the person that i am crushing on. I find it stupid and impulsive and will always grow out of it soon enough. Which is why i regret even making a move, a dumb dare to text the person you like at 12:00AM on the dot, where i texted her and she (probably for my benefit) texted me back afterwards.

I am friends with some of the only LGBT(+) people in my year and we announced it to all of them at the start, so i’ve ruined my chance with anyone else. Because of this, we are practically forced to stay friends as we’re in the same group, meaning that i can’t express my annoyance with anyone there, as they’re closer to her than to me.

What the fUcccccck am i supposed to do now?