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am i that worthless

i can jist be thrown away and no one would care

i can be dead and no one would care

and that makes me wanna die

it would be better if i were gone

it would be better if i didn't exist

and that thought really makes me wish i never existed

because i'm that worthless after all apparently

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Re: am i that worthless

Hey I know that self-hatred can kind of overpower any positive feedback but I’ve been in places like that for shit on my life And that line of thinking used to be my main reason to not want to be alive. In my personal experience that is so incredibly Wrong. This may sound stupid but it’s What helped me even if you feel lonely and like no one really knows you think about a time one you were hanging out with someone you didn’t know that well and you’re just kind of hit with a feeling of dam this person rocks I can’t believe I’m blessed enough to hang out with them (helps if y’all were a little bit tipsy) I truly believe it’s the little things that count and you can’t say no one cares because even people you don’t know that well care more than you think they do.

Look I've been there, I've wished I was never even born... but I realised something. God cares. He cares so very deeply. He doesn't make mistakes, and it hurts him when we get hurt. You might wonder why I believe in God, why I gave my life to him. Well... it's because he loves us and he created us in his image. You don't have to convert a certain amount of ppl, you don't have to cover your hair or never get married, your children don't pay for every sin you've ever committed and you deffinitely do not have to be a suicide bomber to be God's child. The God that I believe in is merciful, kind, loving, compassionate. He sent his son in the form of a human to our Earth as the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may be tempted in all of the ways we are tempted, to feel as we feel, to breath as we breath. Jesus died on the cross for us, so that our sins can be forgiven and we can spend eternity with God in heaven. All we have to do is believe and invite him into our hearts. If we repent he will forgive us our sins no matter how great. No, our children do not pay for our sins, we don't have to sacrifice animals, God sent Jesus to Earth as the ultimate sacrifice so that our sins could be forgiven! God does not make mistakes. Taking comfort in the fact that he loves you so much he is willing to die for you! What you think of your appearance does not define your worth and neither does anything else in this world. You are God's child, a living miracle, you are priceless.