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Am I the bad guy?

I´m a artist. And I want to be great. I want to be the next Shakespeare, I want my name to be immortal.

My family thinks that I´m ungrateful just because I want to leave this city, this life. For than, I´m just a selfish girl who gives more value to money than anything. They said I´m to ambitious, that this embarrasses then.

I was always an exemplary daughter until I decided to go after my dreams.

I´m my family's bad guy. That's what everyone keeps telling me.

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Re: Am I the bad guy?

Of course you aren’t, I think the selfish ones are your family that doesn’t support you and let you follow your dreams. Believe me, I know how hard is to deal with the pressure of your family because you love them and you really care about their opinions. But as many obstacles in life, you have to confront them. You are the one who’s gonna put blood, sweat, and tears in your work. YOU will be the one who is going to build your own future. Don’t let anyone, not even your family to step in your dreams like if it was nothing. Their time to be whatever they wanted has come to an end and now is your turn. This maybe sound a little cliché but, we only have one life... don’t waste it trying to please everyone and being what everyone wants you to be. And last, I think it’s important to be ambitious if you want to be successful in life.

Care about as you care to others

Hope that this may help you, and good luck! 💗

PD: Sorry if my english is bad, it’s not my native language hehe