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Am I the only one

Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with the idea of my partner getting lap dances from strippers? He says it's normal, doesn't mean anything and I am just insecure? I feel differently however.. Thoughts? I feel because it is sexual and rather intimate it almost disrespectful.. But he thinks it's completely normal and once again means nothing.. I apposed the question how would he feel if I had to get lap dances and he responded woman don't do that so I am not worried which I felt defeated the intention of my question.. Please share as this spirals in my head and I feel like I don't have a leg to stand on but it bugs me deep down. I feel disrespected under valued and "insecure".

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Re: Am I the only one

You need to drop his ass like they she is dropping it on his lap. It is disresptful and disgusting. They are physically on top of him and he is secreting his man juices from being turned on by another woman. In most cases numbers are exchanged and it leads to sex. Or worst case scenario they take him to the special room which all strip clubs have and have sex with him. Heres more perspective.....if she has crabs.....those crabs will travel to your mans clothes and end up in your house. Do I need to go further? Naw, I think Ive shed some light.

I’ve personally never stepped foot in a stripclub. I’ve never understood the point of sitting around with a bunch of other guys to watch a bunch of girls dance naked. If I were you I’d be more upset that he’s essentially helping some strange girl make her car payment, cover student loans, and pay her rent. That’s basically what it amounts to at the end of the night.

Whatever he is doing is completely wrong, he is in a relationship and still he is getting lap dances. That in itself is disgusting of him, it literally means he wont hesitate to have sex with anyone outside his relation. You should dump that piece of shit. And if he says women cant do that and for men thats fine, it is clear that he has a fucked up and sexist mindset.

He clearly doesnt respect you, and then he makes you feel that he is right . You should definitely leave him.

The part that sounds the most disrespectful is that he wouldn't take you more seriously when you told him you are uncomfortable with him getting the lap dances. And the thing about women getting lap dances not being something that is done? Sounds like a double standard. Yeah no, you deserve to be with someone who will take your concerns seriously and not hold double standards between their behavior and yours.