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Am I to superficial in relationships?

I realize this website is used for more serious and hard things to say but I just need to get off my chest. Ive been with my partner for quite a long time, I love there personality, mannerisms, body, and soul. But Ive occasionally had second guesses about being with them just because they're not a 10/10. I hate this feeling and it always makes me feel like shit and awful during it due to me wanting to be with them and having a desire to be with them but this always creeps up and I cant help it despite hating it. Just a disclaimer, i have not and would never cheat or just drop them its just really hard for my brain and I need to know if this is common to have thoughts like this or if im just superficial. I have no plans to leave them anytime soon.

again apologize if this is to mean or not the type of thing to say on here.