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Am I too sensitive?

I cry whenever my mother raises her voice at me, when i get even slightly embarrassed, when I’m angry, when I think about something that made me upset, when other people cry, sometimes when I laugh too hard (not like laughing so hard you cry, more like laughing until I feel a lump in my throat and I just start crying)

is there anything I can do about this?

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6 months ago

Re: Am I too sensitive?

i am exactly like this and i don’t think im too sensitive. i kinda look at it as understanding myself better and knowing my boundaries and limits you know? the feeling does suck and im sorry you feel this way but if it ever gets to the point where u have unhealthy coping mechanisms (like for me i stopped eating) i would get professional help :)

I think being sensitive is a blessing. I used to be sensitive, but my parents forced me to "grow a tougher skin", and now I barely feel anything. everyone's brains are wired different. I believe that you should use your sensitivity to your advantage because it gives you an opportunity to understand people. :)