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Am I wrong or is he a psychopath?

My parents wont stop spoiling my brother and said life is hard for him because he has "adhd". Which he got classified as after many years of meth addiction. He's only ever had 1 job for 2 months when he was 18. He is now 30 years old. Between the 12 years he has abused our family, mentally and physically. Been in n out of jail, a registered sex offender. I think 12 years is too long for no progress but my parents say they're is progress, but every search warrant they have for him every other month there is meth pipes.... I fear if I leave he will snap one day and really hurt my parents and I won't be around to help. But sometimes I feel like if I don't leave, its slowly killing me. I work 50hrs a week to pay my bills and car, and they just gifted him a new bmw.... do you ever feel like your life is upside down?..

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Re: Am I wrong or is he a psychopath?

I can relate to the parents putting your brother on a pedestal. Mine have done the same with mine. I’ve seen it a lot that there is usually a favorite child. It isent due to deserving or merit. It just is.

Since your brother has been spoiled and has addiction issues, they enable him. Life isent fair. That’s for damn sure. If you’re still in that environment,I’d say break free and move out. The worry about your parents won’t go away but you will learn to cope better over time.