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Am Married .. Am Gay !

Am gay since am 15 totally gay and i was fine with it .. met a girl and we got married .. still gay having tens of guys in my life .. getting older and 42 now my gay friend since 17 years is nagging to get married me and him i love him too but i dont hate my wife and kids i dont want to leave them too .. my man is turning my life to hell nagging he is turning 40 and want to settle down and marry and we r in love for 17 years me and him but for some circumstances i got married but he was ok with it but after all these years he wants me to divorce and marry him and live together .. i dont know what to do !!

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Re: Am Married .. Am Gay !

A man waits for you for 17 years is someone who really loves you and what you have done to him rather than watching him waisting these years waiting for you maybe he was ok with it before but he grow up and now he needs a partner.

why to live two lives one of them dark and hidden? Face it and be happy, i am sure your wife feels something; women knows it when guys change.

I believe You get one life and time flows. There is no after life or there may be but who knows for sure. it's not too late talk to your wife about it I am sure she will understand. Don't think too much sometimes you have to let go. Firstly it will be difficult but later things will fall into place.

Be with the person who makes you happy. You deserve to be happy. Today is day you truly live. And if you want to make your future happy with him go for it now. There may be no tomorrow my friend don't waste your time thinking to much.