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America is a Sick Society...

and Chinese Coronavirus COVID-19?


  • right is wrong and wrong is right
  • political correctness is a sick symptom
  • perversity is plenteous
  • moral compasses are non-existent
  • arrogance abounds
  • government is ever more corrupt and greedy
  • "Universities" are evil centers teaching Syphilitic Narcissism to increasingly Profoundly andicapped spoiled rotten little brats
  • personal responsibility is Unknown to this generation
  • Lying, cheating, and stealing are Effervescent Egregious Epiphanies Of Vanity and Decadent Depravity

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Re: America is a Sick Society...

Lighten up Francis said the big toe. Movie “Stripes”. Human beings are very flawed. Yes; America is far from perfect. But look at other nations. I’ll grant use some in west Europe had become better since WWII. However; they need our weapons & troop size to stay free from China & Russia. Also; they import citizens. These citizens are bringing rape; unemployment; gangs, & drugs. They will be as bad as us eventually.

Japan is currently better. But their youth are moving towards our behaviors. And they depend on us to sell goods. They depend on our military to protect them.

With all of that this is the best time to be a human in history. Sure; America’s strongest middle class & spending power was right before Carter messed it up.

But I lived then. I’m autistic. This allowed adults to beat & rape me. Kids at school to attack me. No one cared. Gays were bashed & killed by everyone.

No computers in houses. Unsafe cars. No one wore seat belts. Serial killers posing as detectives. LSD killers. No online games. No high tech movies.

Granted our music & clothes were much better. We didn’t have people shooting up schools & malls. So in some ways it’s worse.

But medicine is better.

God Bless