an architecture students story

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Architecture .sounds so fancy right? it actually isnt .im tired of the work load im tired of having evrything pilled up and my parents scolding me for every backlog and teachers complaining like military officials, I believe architects are best suited to join the military cause we are as disciplined as them. we hardly sleep. always upset and no parents support its not a life i wanted but it was my choice to pick this course but now parents wont let me change my course and they say that if i leave this course they wont enroll me in another course so im in a pickle and idk what to do ......i dont have ppl to share this with my frnds are busy my parents wont understand teachers dont give a fuck and a dog who cant talk back . im just tired i have a lot of intrests but this degree is my back up. in my household for gettin 80% in icse ive been treated like a kid whose failed forget the fact that i have more potential cant they just say good job they just say hmm fine ok like dont i deserve a good? ive grown up craving for appriciation n now that i think i will never get it i dont feel like impressing them .