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An regret of joining crowd

I was an great student throughout my school life performed well in jee and joined IIT with no idea of department I was joining. For everybody I was an hero who worked hard towards its dream and gonna be successful in 4 years and an list of expectations from home.I don't know what am I doing here tried coding without an interest failed miserably in it,tried to learn data science it was not my field of interest, I feel engineering is not my fruit.I joined it just for the sake of society respect.Recently I developed an affection towards history and liberal arts I just love tales of those epic empires,people who lived here in thousands of year ago.An thought always comes to my mind what there were as good University and recognition I would be learning my interest subjects

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Re: An regret of joining crowd

If it is possible don't squash down your dreams , I know sometimes the thought of disappointing people close to you weighs heavily against following your dreams but think about the fact that if you choose something you're interested in you can be X10 more successful there istead of something you don't have any interest in.

It's never too late to change streams if you think that you wasted a year then think about the fact that even though this year went by your whole life will be spent doing something you like and it matters