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Anal sex

Okay so I'm curious about anal sex I mean I googled but still there are there are many things that weren't answered so I'd love it if some of you guys could answer it and noobs please stay out of it no offense but real information experienced people please help me out okay so here I go.

1.So I learned about about the poop thing obviously it's designed for that purpose so yeah people use anal douche but I read it's not good for health so if you wanna have sex everyday what di you do.

2.what about you suddenly in the mood for anal but you haven't douched.

3.How long before sex do you douche. I mean if I douched in the morning will I be able to have sex at night or do I have to douche again.

4.Also I read about not eating certain things but if you douched then why does it matter

5.If you had sex at night and yes you douched but the next morning you wake up if you wanna have sex again will you have to douche again if you don't want shit getting involved.

Also I'm of age so you can answer me without worring that I'm a kid and I know shit getting involved is natural because your putting your dick in an asshole but seriously nobody wants that not because the dude will be grossed out but you will be but I do wonder how much can okay sorry it's getting gross but well yeah if you poop you poop can't do anything about it in this case you don't take a deep breath to calm down hold your breath and wash yourself maybe later you'll laugh about it.

Do reply and no offense