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I rarely get mad. I’m autistic. Anger not natural to me.

But the little autistic boy getting shot in salt lake pisses me off.

I’d like to go one round in a UFC match with the initial shooter. Oh I could plant him in seconds. Not for that. I’d just like to slap his punk ass down. Kick him in the balls so hard he went airborne. Yes I can do that.

Make him cry & beg. Piece of shit. Who gets mad an unarmed tiny child runs from them & just starts shooting.

Fucking pussy coward. I’d slap his punk ass around like the bitch he is.

Of course as civilized people we depend on the courts for justice. Which means little or nothing will most likely happen to the shit fucker.

I normally defend & love cops. But I watched the tape. Fucking complete bullshit.

Isn’t it scary. I thought about this. In my house is an ex Army Ranger. Heavy load by bed. I am a master marksman with several fully loaded assault rifles; pump shot guns; etc right by my bed. If the door just flew open suddenly. I saw armed men flooding in. Would I freeze; or would my lifetime of being trained by hardened soldiers take over? If it did; & the Rangers did, I’d be labeled a nut.

But if my training didn’t kick in; & I hesitated, would they kill everyone in the house?

I want to defend the cops. But watching an unarmed child gunned down for nothing makes me wonder what to teach my kids. I’ve always assumed we teach them to follow orders & they will be fine. But this proves I’m full of shit. So do we teach them to shoot anyone who kicks in the door? The cops are supposed to be our hero’s; not a hit squad gunning down disabled kids.

Please realize I have cops in my family. Most cops are great. But we have to hold the tiny few who are fruit cakes responsible.